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The Highlights

  • Group meets every Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. (EST)
  • $20 per person/per group
  • No commitment required
  • Must have access to smartphone, computer/laptop or tablet
  • Platform: Zoom Video Conferencing
    • HIPAA-compliant, encrypted end-to-end
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What Is an Accountability Group?

Accountability is an essential part of long-term recovery. The Recovery Coach is pleased to offer a Virtual Accountability Group for adult men and women who are actively seeking recovery from:

Substance Use Disorder • Eating Disorders • Anxiety • Depression
Together with a certified recovery coach, members of the group will review:

  • Challenges and/or Victories from the week before
  • Intentions for the following week
  • Feedback from other group members (if desired)

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

This group is ideal for anyone who:

  • Has completed treatment (residential, PHP, IOP or extended care) and needs additional support upon returning home
  • Has been to treatment more than once, who is familiar with the tools of recovery but needs help putting them into practice
  • Is in recovery and would like additional support
  • Has a desire for recovery

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