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  • When Recovery Is Personal
    Ever since my recovery journey began in February 2011, I have yet to encounter an individual who has found lasting success by recovering on his or her own. I am not implying it's impossible, but this is what I believe to be true: substance use disorders and other mental health conditions are characterized by intense isolation. In order to fully recover, one must lean on the support of others to find freedom and happiness. The opposite of addiction is connection. ​ My name is Alison Broderick. I am a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach-Level II (NCRC-II) and a Georgia Certified Peer Specialist - Addictive Diseases (CPS-AD); the founder/owner of The Recovery Coach, LLC; and affiliated with Atlanta Center for Wellness - a holistic, multidisciplinary and integrative mental health practice in Atlanta, Ga. Having worked in the mental and behavioral health industry since 2012, I have had the opportunity to watch firsthand what works...and what doesn't. To witness the transformation of an individual who has recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body is nothing short of miraculous. Recovery is the expectation. Everyone can recover using a pathway that suits his or her lifestyle. My friend, there is always hope.
  • Dare to Dive Deep
    What you cannot do alone, we can do together. It's not just about putting an end to the maladaptive behaviors; it's about achieving whole-body healing and getting to the root cause of your substance use disorder and/or unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you are ready to give this recovery thing a real shot and achieve lasting success, The Recovery Coach wants to hear from you. Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived well.
  • Certifications & Achievements
    Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Level II (NCRC-II), The Addictions Academy Certified Peer Specialist - Addictive Diseases (CPS-AD), Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA) Bachelor’s degree, Journalism, Georgia State University Published children's author, "Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight" and "Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann" Certified barre instructor (group fitness)
By offering healthy solutions for everyday challenges or situations, a recovery coach encourages and guides an individual along a path that supports his or her healing journey.

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