One Day or Day One? The choice is yours.

Our experience has shown that clients have a greater chance of achieving long-term recovery when working with a recovery coach for at least three months. This provides time for the Client and Coach to establish a strong rapport and implement effective techniques that will serve as his/her foundation in recovery in the days, months and years to come. Because CONSISTENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY are essential in achieving true recovery success, coaching packages are non-refundable.


Samlinger i 2021:

Samling 1: 12.-14. mars
Samling 2: 28.-30. mai (retreat på Nøsen) Samling 3: 11.-13. juni Samling 4: 20.-22. august Samling 5: 8.-10. oktober (retreat på Nøsen) Samling 6: 12.-14. november
Samlinger i 2022:
Samling 7: 14.-16. januar (retreat på Nøsen) Samling 8: 11.-13. februar Samling 9: 11.-13. mars (retreat på Nøsen)

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