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The Recovery Coach Welcomes Seth Harris

Updated: Oct 14, 2021


ATLANTA (August 5, 2020)The Recovery Coach, LLC, a company that specializes in relapse prevention and continuing care services, today announced the addition of Seth Harris, CPS-AD, to its team of certified recovery coaches. 

Seth Harris, CPS-AD

Harris, a person in long-term recovery, is a certified peer specialist for addictive diseases (CPS-AD) through the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA). Furthermore, he works as the associate director of admissions at a men’s residential addiction treatment center in the Greater Atlanta Area. In addition to his personal and professional recovery experience, Harris brings with him a sincere desire to help those who are struggling, to find freedom.  


“I cherish every opportunity to lift up someone’s story as they reclaim their identity. I have nested in the concept of neighboring, and I believe that’s where the strength of recovery coaching lies – the notion that we can walk beside one another, honor each individual’s story, and recognize there are a myriad of pathways in which one can recover. After a period of time, we find we are walking slightly behind the peers we serve, as they learn to carry their own journey,” said Harris.  


Harris co-facilitates The Freedom Experience, a weekly support group in Woodstock, Ga., that fosters real and authentic relationships to combat addiction. During his downtime, he likes to spend time in nature and enjoy the surrounding scenery of his North Georgia home, where he lives with his fiancée. He loves creative writing; building items out of reclaimed wood; and watching Atlanta Braves baseball, Ole Miss football, and Family Feud reruns.  


“We welcome Seth to our team with open arms,” said Alison Broderick, NCRC-II, CPS-AD, founder/owner of The Recovery Coach. “The crossing of our paths is directly related to the gifts of recovery. Seth and I had to endure our own hardships before we could enjoy the fruits of recovery. That's the beauty of recovery—recognizing and honoring every person’s story. Seth will serve as an excellent resource for those who are actively seeking recovery from addiction and other co-occurring disorders.”  

Click here to read more about Seth Harris.

About The Recovery Coach

The Recovery Coach offers strengths- and solutions-based support for individuals who are actively seeking recovery from substance use disorder, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and/or codependency. Clients receive individualized care that includes ongoing communication with their recovery coach, relapse prevention strategies, effective recovery tools and viable community resources. The Recovery Coach abides by the core competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF), as well as complies with HIPAA regulations. For information, please call/text 678-851-3314 or visit

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